All Sharp Atoms Do Run to the Center, and Those that Settle Not, by Reason of the Straightness of the Place, Fly out to the Circumference. Sharp Atoms Running to the Center Make a Sun.


All atoms sharp to every center fly,
And in the midst of th’Earth and2 planets lie,
And in those planets there are centers too,3
Where the sharp atoms with quick motion go.
And to the center of the Earth they run,                 5
There gathering close, and so become a sun.4
This is the ax whereon the Earth turns round,
And gives the heat which in the Earth is found;
A world of fire: thus may we guess the sun,
If all sharp atoms to the center run.                         10
For why the sun amongst the planets round,
Just as a center, in the midst is found.
And fixèd stars, which give a twinkling light
Are center-worlds5 of fire, which do shine6 bright.

Of Stars

We find that i’th’East Indies1 stars there be,
Which we in our horizon ne’er did2 see;
Yet we do take great pains in glasses clear
To see what stars do in the sky appear.
But yet the more we search, the less we know,                  5
Because we find our work doth endless grow.
For who knows, but those stars3 we see by night
Are suns which to some other worlds give light?
But could our outward senses pace the sky,
As well as can4 imaginations high,5                                     10
If we were there, we might as little6 know
As those which stay, and never up do7 go.
Then let no8 man in fruitless pains life spend:
The most we know is, Nature death will send.