What Atoms Make a Palsy or Apoplexy

When dull flat atoms do together1 join,
And with each other in a heap combine,
This body thick doth stop all passage so,
Keeps motion out, and makes2 the body grow
Numbed. For sharp atoms,3 in which heat doth live,      5
Being close and smothered up4 no heat can give,
But if these5 atoms flat meet in the brain,
The spirits are choked and can6 no heat obtain.  

All Things Are Governed by Atoms.

Thus life and death, and young and old,
Are as the several atoms hold.
Wit, understanding1 in the brain
Are as the several atoms reign,
And dispositions2 good or ill                                5
Are as the several atoms still.
And every passion which doth rise
Is as the several3 atoms lie.4
Thus sickness, health, and peace and war
Are5 as the several atoms are.                             10