All Things Are Governed by Atoms.

Thus life and death, and young and old,
Are as the several atoms hold.
Wit, understanding1 in the brain
Are as the several atoms reign,
And dispositions2 good or ill                                5
Are as the several atoms still.
And every passion which doth rise
Is as the several3 atoms lie.4
Thus sickness, health, and peace and war
Are5 as the several atoms are.                             10

According as the Notes in Music Agree with the Motions of the Heart or Brain, Such Passions Are Produced Thereby.



The eights in music, when they2 equal are,
If one be struck, the other seems to jar.
So the heartstrings, if equally be3 stretched
To4 those of music, love from thence is fetched.
For when one’s struck, the other moves just so,       5
And with delight as evenly doth go.