Of Earth

Why’s earth1 not apt to move, but slow and dull?
Flat atoms have no vacuum, but are2 full.
That form admits no empty place to bide;
All parts are filled, having no hollow side.3
And where no vacuum is, motion is4 slow,                   5
Having no empty places for to go.
Though atomes all are small, as small may be,
Yet by their forms doth motion5 disagree.
For atoms sharp do make themselves a way,6
Cutting through other atoms as they stray.                 10
But atoms flat will dull and lazy lie,7
Having no edge or point to make a way.8

The Increasing and Decreasing of Visible Fire

Fire being kindled first appears1 but small,
But growing strong, it wastes and burns up2 all.
Just like a crow, that on a dead horse lights:
When other crows perceive it3 in their flights,
They straight invite themselves unto that feast,             5
And thus4 from one, to numbers are increased.
So atoms sharp which singly fly about
Join with the rest to eat the fuel out.
And as the fuel doth increase, so5 they,
And as it wastes, so they do6 fly away.7                           10